Levoy’s book is going to charge off the shelves. Not because it is jam-packed with startling new information: mostly, it is just solid, commonsensical advice. Not because it is by a self-help celebrity or vaunted spiritual leader: Levoy is a newcomer, virtually unknown. Not because it shows a quick and easy way to enlightenment: it is full of challenge and even contradiction.

What will draw readers to it is Levoy’s authority and his ravishing way with language.

His announced subject is vocation, but the question of how we know we are doing what we should be doing crosses over into relationships, spiritual paths, creative work, and other areas of life. Accordingly, Levoy, though he keeps refocusing on right livelihood, uses stories and images to expand his and our search for calling.

These stories and images are so precious, so precise, that they make this the kind of book people call each other about, late at night, to share favorite passages. From the first paragraph, which describes seeing sunlit pollen pouring through spring air and thereby understanding the hidden messages that surround us, Levoy selects just the telling image, the evocative tale, the perfect quotation to illuminate his meaning. A book to savor.

----Patricia Monaghan