author of Conversations With God

How to hear, and follow, that “still small voice”
A book about listening to Life’s messages
that could change you forever

I am reading right now a wonderful book, full of wisdom. It is Gregg Levoy’s Callings, and it is about each person’s own conversations with God.

Gregg believes that we are all “called.” Life calls to us, God calls to us, our souls call to us. And the call is, primarily, an announcement of the need for change. If we respond, our response takes the form of an awakening of some kind.

Says Gregg, “A call is only a monologue. A return call, a response, creates a dialogue. Our own unfolding requires that we be in constant dialogue with whatever is calling us.”

Let me repeat that.
Our own unfolding requires that we be in constant dialogue with whatever is calling us.

In once sentence that is the message of Conversations With God.

Gregg’s book is not only filled with wisdom, it is inspiring. And illuminating.

It is one of the clearest pieces of writing I have seen on how to hear “that still small voice” and understand what it is saying to us.

“We want our lives to catch fire and burn blue, not smolder,” Gregg says. “We want to use ourselves up, leave this life the way we entered it-----complete----and die with a yes on our lips, and not a no, making that last transition.....with some grace, with eyes wide open and not squeezed shut as if for a blow. We don’t want to enter Kingdom Come kicking and screaming and begging for more time. Following our calls is one way to love our lives, to flood them with light that can shine back out of them, and to make life easier to explain to ourselves when it’s over.....”

This is a wonderful book for anyone now moving through a transition in his or her life-----or wondering about whether one should be made. It is a book about how to take action and make choices that speak from the deepest place of Who We Are.

It is a book of special insight, calling us to listen to our callings, to hear them, to follow them now.

What is a “calling?” It is an invitation from Life, telling us about our next step. It may even be a tiny article in a small newsletter, telling you about a book to next explore....