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Leadership is largely about understanding and activating the deep motivations in people----their callings, their sense of passion and purpose, what they most want to contribute to the world. People who operate from these deep motivations work with great enthusiasm and dedication and don't need a lot of managing.

But to get at these deep drives and unleash their power requires courageous self-reflection, which is ideally modeled by leaders-by knowing your own deepest passions and purposes. The more you address these issues in your own life, the more you encourage your people to do the same, and the more clarity you will have in aligning individual and organizational callings.

There's a reason that some of the world's great myths----like the Grail King and Sleeping Beauty----teach that when the king or queen sleeps, those around them also sleep and the kingdom goes dormant, but when they awaken, those around them also awaken and the kingdom flowers.

Self-reflection is an essential tool of the trade, and the Callings Leadership Seminar helps leaders:
* Understand motivation from the inside out.
* Model integrity, as in knowing who you are, what you're here to do, what you stand for and thus what you won't stand for.
* Gain responsiveness----a feel for what wants to emerge or happen in any given moment.

This dynamic, humorous, and hands-on seminar uses self-reflection, writing, dialoguing, brainstorming, dyad and small-group work to explore your own deepest drives and callings as leaders. You will articulate and clarify your own calls, the resistance to those calls, the forces that can help awaken them, and the steps toward action.