2017: Schedule

Interviews with Gregg Levoy about Vital Signs

 Jan 10 / World Spirituality (Unity Online Radio)
Host: Rev. John Paul Roach

 March 7-9 / The Transforming Aging Summit, 20 “expert” interviews sponsored by The Shift Network
Host: Ron Pevny

 Mar 10 / Becoming a Sage Podcast
Host: Jann Freed

 Oct 24 / Revolutionize Your Retirement Interview
Host: Dorian Mintzer

2016: Schedule

 Jan 4 / 12 noon EST — The Jefferson Exchange (NPR/Oregon)
Host: Emily Cureton

 Jan 4 / 2:25 pm EST — Marilu Henner Show
Host: Marilu Henner

 Jan 6 / 10:30 am EST — A Touch of Grey
Host: Carole Marks

 Jan 14 / 11:45 am EST — The Roundtable/WAMC (NPR/Northeast)
Host: Joe Donahue

 Jan 14 / 1:15 pm EST — The Experience Pros
Host: Cher Ashland

 Jan 15 / 2 pm EST — Legalize Freedom Radio (UK)
Host: Greg Moffitt

 Jan 20 / 1:30 pm EST —Tapping Q&A
Host: Gene Monterastelli

 Feb 24 / Noon EST —The Nancy Ferrari Show
Host: Nancy Ferrari

 Mar 7 / 7-8 pm EST — A Mindful Emergence Radio Show
Host: Eddie LeShur

 Mar 8 / Unity Online Radio, Vibrant Living: Life Coaching with Carla
Host: Carla McClellan

 Mar 16 / 1:20 pm EST — Second Saturday on WPKN
Host: Bob Johnson

 Mar 21 / The Dr. Leslie Show, WISC 100.7 FM, 1400 AM
Host: Dr. Leslie Wells

 Mar 24 / Conscious Media Podcast
Host: Steve Nobel

 Apr 11 / Prescriptions for Healing Conflict Radio Show, KUCI radio—UC/Irvine
Host: Mari Frank Esq.
Click on “Past Guests” link on Radio Show menu

 April 25 / 1-2 pm EST — Unity Online Radio
Host: Beverly Molander

 May 18 / The Hidden Why podcast (Australia)
Host: Leigh Martinuzzi

 July 8 / Balanced Living for Busy Professionals
Host: Diane Randall

2015: Schedule

 After Jan 5 – Pre-recorded podcast
Host: Julienne Givot, interview will appear at:

 Jan 7 / 2pm EST - Podcast, Creative Living with Jamie
Host: Jamie Ridler, 20 minutes

 Jan 8 / 6 pm EST – The Book Radio Show
Host: Kari Moran

 Jan 16 / 5-7 pm EST – Uncommon Awareness
Genesis Communications Network syndicated radio show
Host: Lorraine Hurley

 Jan 26 / 1-2 pm CST, live – KERA Radio (NPR station)
Host: Krys Boyd

 Feb 3 / 1-2 pm EST – The Dr. Pat Show
Host: Dr Pat Baccili

 Feb 10 / 11 am-12 noon CST – The Rob Kall Bottom-Up Radio Show
Host: Rob Kall,

 Feb 16 / 3-4 pm CST – radio show
"Let's Get Naked, Revealing Your Authentic Self."
Host: Rev. Heidi Alfrey

 Feb 16 / 8-9 pm EST – Web Talk Radio
Conversations Beyond Science and Religion
Host: Philip Comella

 Feb 17 / 2 noon EST – The Donna Seebo Show
Host: Donna Seebo
(scroll down to interview #225/Feb 17 2015)

 Feb 17 / 8 pm EST – Edgewalkers Teleconference
Host: Judi Neal

Listen now:

 Feb 19 / 4-5 pm EST – Living Your Inspired Life
Newstalk 1590 AM KVTA, Ventura, CA

 Feb 25 / 12pm EST – Women on Fire
Host: Debbie Phillips, 45 minutes

 Feb 25 / 11 - 11:30 am EST – The Coaching Show
Host: Christopher McAuliffe

 Mar 9 / 11am EST – The Creative Entrepreneur podcast
Hosts: Mali Phonpadith & Tony Marciante

 Mar 19 / The Pat Williams Show
Host: Pat Williams (basketball Hall-of-Fame executive, co-founded the NBA's Orlando Magic).
Part 1 / Part 2

 Mar 16 / 8-9pm EST – Hudson Coaching Institute Teleconference

 April 16 / 1-2pm PST – New Dimensions Radio
Host: Justine Toms

 May 5 / 2PM EST – Shrink Rap Radio
Host: David "Dr Dave" Van Nuys

 May 12 – Real Money
Host: David Holland (search by date)

 May 13 – Unity FM
The Intentional Spirit with Rev. Temple Hayes (click on the play button)

 May 19 / 11:55 EST – The Linda Mackenzie Show
Host: Linda Mackenzie (click on the 5/19/15 link)

 June 2 / 8:45 CST – San Antonio Digest
Host: Chrissie Murnin, Cox Radio
(scroll down to the 6/7/15 interview)

 July 2 / Interview
Host: Tamra Fleming, Visioning Coach

 Aug 3 / The Power to Change Your Life Podcast
Host: Stephanie Dalfonzo

 Sept 9 / Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews
Host: Ursula Jorch
(click Episode 1)

 Nov 2 / Inspire Nation Show

 Nov 23 / Living Well
Host: Dr. Bob Hanna

 Dec 28 / 11:30 am EST — Talk of the Town, WATR Radio
Host: Larry Rifkin

 Dec 29 / 4:30 pm EST — The PoppOff Show
Host: Mary Jane Popp

2014: Schedule

 Dec 26 / 12pm EST – Blog Talk Radio
Host: Annette Vaillancourt, 50 minutes

 Dec 29 / 3pm EST – Podcast, Dig Deep Grow Media
Host: Michael McEvoy, 30 minutes

 Dec 30 / 2pm EST – Podcast
Host: Len Edgerly, The Kindle Chronicles, 35 minutes
Listen to Interview Here (Begins at 9:20 and ends at 41:50)


 True Path Entrepreneur video training series, Dec 2017

 April 2017 / The Corporate Rebel Series
Host: Christina Boyd-Smith

 Science of Mind Magazine, Jan 2016 issue:


Gregg Levoy's new blog in Psychology Today, entitled Passion! Cultivating Vitality.

Fast Company Magazine article, "Why You Should Probably Take That Risk You’ve Been Weighing Up

The Impact of Passion and Dispassion on Living, Leading, Teaching, and Learning

An ASCD SmartBrief supplement for K-12 administrators

Article in Courier-Post, "South Jersey’s Newspaper,” featuring Gregg Levoy:

Elle Magazine, March 2015, Monthly Horoscope's Money & Career section:

The Journal on Active Aging, Inspired Leadership: Transforming Yourself and Others With Passion and Purpose
Download PDF

Positive Perspective Platform: Inspiring Thought Leadership

iMantra Magazine “A Single Act of Amnesty,” pages 10-11

Press Release

The Inside Scoop on Passion: Vital Signs author Gregg Levoy discusses the fundamentals of passion, including what inspires it and what defeats it.

Passion is a concept that’s talked about a lot these days, in a lot of different arenas:

  • Business and leadership experts talk about employee engagement.
  • Coaching and career development folks talk about finding a calling.
  • Educators talks about passion-based learning.
  • Couples and relationship counselors talk about keeping the spark alive.

But passion is much bigger and deeper than what happens M-F 9-5, or what happens between partners.

Ultimately, passion is a life skill---a stance---that helps bring vitality to all our engagements: from work, family and school life, to creative, social and spiritual life. And it’s a survival mechanism---critical to health and well-being---because your attachment to life depends on your interest in it.

According to Gregg Levoy, author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion (and author of the bestselling book Callings), the trick to cultivating passion is not just finding a passion, or even a person or purpose to be passionate about, but living passionately.

This begins with identifying where you lose passion---which routines, relationships, involvements or beliefs drain your energies and which ones revitalize them. Then making choices that take you toward rather than away from your vitality, and finding ways to offset the downward-pulling forces of everything from daily routines to life in a Code Orange world.

Some of what Gregg will discuss:

  • Passion can be cultivated. Turned on as well as turned off. And this happens most readily at the level of the moment, not the five-year plan or the extreme makeover.
  • Passion is in the risk. In the willingness to step from the sidelines onto the playing field.
  • Passion breeds passion, and disinterest breeds disinterest. If you lack passion in your own life, your other relationships will be denied that energy---your partnerships, friendships, communities, classrooms, congregations and corporations.
  • Passion equals productivity, and lack of passion sabotages it.
  • Passion isn't just exuberance, it's endurance. It's sometimes shoulder-to-the-wheel stamina and patience on the order of years.
  • Passion is intimately related to health. Passion is vitality, and honoring your passions enhances your vitality.

Author Bio

Gregg Levoy is the author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion (Penguin), and the bestselling Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life (Random House)----rated among the "Top 20 Career Publications" by the Workforce Information Group.

He has presented lectures and seminars for the Smithsonian Institution, Environmental Protection Agency, Microsoft, National Conference on Positive Aging, American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, and others, and been a frequent guest of the media, including ABC-TV, CNN, NPR and PBS.

A former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, and former columnist and reporter for USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer, he has written for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest, and many others. His website is

Sample interview questions:

  • Why is there so much talk lately about passion---in arenas from business and leadership, to coaching, education and relationships?
  • How do you define passion?
  • Is passion always a good thing, or are there some kinds of passion that are healthy and some that are unhealthy?
  • Everyone wants to keep passion alive, but isn’t it in the nature of passion to fade? How should people deal with that?
  • How do you balance the desire for passion with the desire for security?
  • How do people typically lose their sense of passion?
  • What steps can people take to cultivate passion, or get it back if they’ve lost it?
  • What drawbacks or even dangers are there be in suppressing passion?
  • What are the benefits of regaining passion?

Order the new book by the author of the bestseller Callings –available on Kindle, Audio, Softcover or Hardcover Book.